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Readers Favorite Five Star Awards


Awarded by Viga Boland for MILESTONE: The Complete Trilogy.

“I have never before embarked on reading a trilogy, and I might not have lasted the experience if it weren’t for the excellence of Carl Lakeland’s writing. What an amazing imagination Lakeland has, one that steers clear of anything predictable. So refreshing. Each book stands alone, but all three are connected and the characters we meet in the first book, Eagle Shield, appear and disappear in the second book, Project Amber, and resurface in a new way in the final book, The Lost Ones. Along the way, readers are treated to a marvelous mix of characters, both good and evil, and unpredictable plots that never stand still. Eagle Shield focusses on the tough military soldier with a heart of gold, Nathan Masters, who battles hell and high water to fulfill his mission to bring a very special child, Angel, to safety and ultimately to what is her pre-ordained, glorious destiny as a savior.

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Awarded by Lesley Jones for The Lost Ones

“The plan does not go as anticipated and Richard is plunged into a world of legend and a search for treasure while trying to elude capture by the notorious and savage clan known as the ‘Takers’.

The author has a masterful skill in creating a story with intrigue and suspense from the first chapter. His characters jump out of the pages and their personality flaws make them even more realistic. The relationship between Ditch and his brother, and also the wonderful character of Captain Henry Bass was so endearing.

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Awarded by Susan Sewell for Eagle Shield.

“Eagle Shield: Milestone Rising by Carl Lakeland is a riveting, action-packed novel about an ex-combat team member’s mission that has an unusual twist.

An Australian Secret Intelligence Service mission is jeopardized when the asset is kidnapped, and a vital classified item is hijacked in the exciting and action-packed thriller, Eagle Shield: Milestone Rising by Carl Lakeland. Wounded in a military operation for the Special Air Service Regiment, Nathan is reassigned to the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. Nathan’s newest mission is to safeguard both a top-secret computer disc and Angel, a ten-year-old orphaned girl. His objective is to get Angel and the disc to a safe-house in Melbourne.

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Awarded by Divine Zape for Project Amber.

“Carl Lakeland’s writing is crisp and he knows how to create colorful and strong images in the minds of readers.

Fast-paced and well-plotted, Project Amber: The Milestone Incident by Carl Lakeland is a riveting story that features intrigue and a woman’s unwitting journey to the discovery of who she really is and what she’s meant to be. Angelique “Angel” enjoys a lot of popularity and respect in the media world, thanks to her uncanny ability to unearth interesting news stories. This time around, Angel is about to uncover a startling truth — a nuclear powered aircraft carrier entering Australian territory, and without permission. There is a secret, and an ominous project that could unleash something worse than humanity has known before, but as she pursues this story, she begins to understand that every step she’s taken thus far has been designed and laid out for her — but by whom? Has she been working for herself or has someone been behind the scenes, pushing her on a path that seems to be hers, but which could end up in her own destruction?

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