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Readers Favorite Five Star Awards


Awarded by Lesley Jones for The Lost Ones

“The plan does not go as anticipated and Richard is plunged into a world of legend and a search for treasure while trying to elude capture by the notorious and savage clan known as the ‘Takers’.

The author has a masterful skill in creating a story with intrigue and suspense from the first chapter. His characters jump out of the pages and their personality flaws make them even more realistic. The relationship between Ditch and his brother, and also the wonderful character of Captain Henry Bass was so endearing.

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Awarded by Susan Sewell for Eagle Shield.

“Eagle Shield: Milestone Rising by Carl Lakeland is a riveting, action-packed novel about an ex-combat team member’s mission that has an unusual twist.

An Australian Secret Intelligence Service mission is jeopardized when the asset is kidnapped, and a vital classified item is hijacked in the exciting and action-packed thriller, Eagle Shield: Milestone Rising by Carl Lakeland. Wounded in a military operation for the Special Air Service Regiment, Nathan is reassigned to the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. Nathan’s newest mission is to safeguard both a top-secret computer disc and Angel, a ten-year-old orphaned girl. His objective is to get Angel and the disc to a safe-house in Melbourne.

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Awarded by Rabia Tanveer for Eagle Shield.

“I loved the relationship between Nathan and Angel, it was sweet and adorable.

Before I begin the review for Eagle Shield: Milestone Rising by Carl Lakeland, can I just say, wow! Seriously, this is one of the best thriller novels with a spy angle that I have read EVER! I absolutely loved the story line, I loved the characters, I loved the pace, and I loved every single thing about it. Everything was on point, even the cover of the novel reflects upon the story itself. The dialogues revealed so much about the characters and how they said it made all the difference! Such small yet important things were given close attention by the writer, which I think is a great accomplishment.

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Awarded by Christian Sia for Eagle Shield.

“Carl Lakeland is a brilliant author and an insanely gifted storyteller, and Eagle Shield: Milestone Rising is proof.

Eagle Shield: Milestone Rising by Carl Lakeland is indeed a thriller, an engaging story that introduces the reader immediately to the action and the conflict, with interesting and well-imagined characters. Nathan is a former SAS, recently redeployed to the Australian Secret Intelligence Service and entrusted with a new and delicate mission — to relocate a young girl to a safe house in Melbourne and to protect the computer disk. Angel is a girl with unusual skills and ASIS needs her, so it’s Nathan’s job to protect and raise her for her future mission. But can a killer be a good father, and does he still have what it takes for the new forms of combat that await them?

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Awarded by Romuald Dzemo for Eagle Shield.

“The story is told in a voice that you can’t resist, and it is perfectly paced and interspersed with surprises that keep the reader turning from one page to the next.

An engaging story for fans of thrillers and absorbing narratives, Eagle Shield: Milestone Rising by Carl Lakeland features an ex SAS, Nathan, transferred to the Australian Secret Intelligence Service and entrusted with a delicate yet vital mission. In the opening pages of the story, Nathan receives the package, a bright little girl called Angel, a girl who calls him “Mate” and who quickly notices that he has a wooden leg. From that rough ride towards safety, everything becomes very interesting. The man known to be skilled in combat and whose life has been austere is given a new assignment — to keep this asset safe and ensure that she grows up to meet the expectations of the ASIS — because Angel is very precious and gifted and she will play a powerful role in the intelligence agency. But can Nathan stay in control with the challenges ahead and a child as complex as Angel?

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Awarded by Ray Simmons for Eagle Shield.

“The characters are the stars of Eagle Shield, right from the beginning.

I had a feeling that I would like Eagle Shield by Carl Lakeland from the minute I read the blurb. An Army veteran responsible for a ten-year-old mystery girl? What’s not to like? I hoped it would be as good a story as that Denzel Washington movie, Man on Fire. It was better. But then again, I have usually enjoyed good books more than good movies. A soldier protecting a little girl can be a powerful tale in the hands of a good writer. What made Eagle Shield extra special for me is that it takes place in Australia. It wouldn’t have been quite as exotic, and I wouldn’t have learned so much if the setting was somewhere I am familiar with.

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Awarded by Divine Zape for Project Amber.

“Carl Lakeland’s writing is crisp and he knows how to create colorful and strong images in the minds of readers.

Fast-paced and well-plotted, Project Amber: The Milestone Incident by Carl Lakeland is a riveting story that features intrigue and a woman’s unwitting journey to the discovery of who she really is and what she’s meant to be. Angelique “Angel” enjoys a lot of popularity and respect in the media world, thanks to her uncanny ability to unearth interesting news stories. This time around, Angel is about to uncover a startling truth — a nuclear powered aircraft carrier entering Australian territory, and without permission. There is a secret, and an ominous project that could unleash something worse than humanity has known before, but as she pursues this story, she begins to understand that every step she’s taken thus far has been designed and laid out for her — but by whom? Has she been working for herself or has someone been behind the scenes, pushing her on a path that seems to be hers, but which could end up in her own destruction?

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Awarded by Romuald Dzemo for Project Amber.

“It isn’t difficult to develop a great liking for the protagonist — she is strong, real, and genuinely flawed.

Project Amber: The Milestone Incident by Carl Lakeland is a powerful thriller that melds the elements of suspense and crime fiction to give readers a tremendous ride. Meet Angel, a clever and unflinching journalist who would do anything to get a good story out. Her work is very satisfactory and she enjoys the limelight into which it thrusts her, but things aren’t going to be the way they have always been. She suddenly discovers a very sinister plan, a secret buried in the heart of Australia, and the world could be about to be hit by its consequences. What is more alarming is that Angel’s life has been planned and manipulated without her being aware of it. Does she have what it takes to face the truth and fight the evil that could destroy the world as she knows it?

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Awarded by Grant Leishman for Project Amber.

“As an ex-pat New Zealander, it was refreshing to read some good old-fashioned “Aussie” banter, with its unique phrases and expressions.

Don’t worry about aliens coming to earth – they’re already here and they have been for eons. They look like us, they talk like us and they’re almost impossible to distinguish from us. This is the scenario presented to us in Carl Lakeland’s Project Amber: The Milestone Incident. When a successful young television journalist, Angel, has the temerity to ask the U.S. Secretary of State about the visit to Australia of a nuclear powered carrier, all hell breaks loose for this young woman. Unbeknownst to her, Angel is someone special and has been groomed all her life for the new role she will undertake as a member of Australia’s elite Secret Service (ASIS). In a story set principally in the outback of Australia, Angel will join forces with an elite team to try to stop the destructive events that are unfolding around the world that could easily see life on earth, as we know it, end. She alone has the ability to stop Project Amber and Operation Milestone from devastating our world in a nuclear holocaust.

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Awarded by Marta Tandori for Project Amber.

“Angel’s character is sympathetic, likable and flawed, which makes her the ideal protagonist.

Australian television journalist, Angelique (Angel), is about to have a very memorable thirtieth birthday. She’s scored a major career coup in that she’s about to sit down to a one-on-one interview with the U.S. Secretary of State. The protocols for the interview are already in place, with the benign interview questions and prepared responses provided – and a twenty-second delayed buffer on the broadcast insisted upon. Angel has no intention of sticking to the boring question and answer script after finding out from her colleague that the USS John Steinbeck, a U.S. nuclear-powered super carrier, is berthed in Melbourne harbor despite having been refused entry by the Nuclear Safety Commission.

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