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“Carl Lakeland’s writing is crisp and he knows how to create colorful and strong images in the minds of readers.

Fast-paced and well-plotted, Project Amber: The Milestone Incident by Carl Lakeland is a riveting story that features intrigue and a woman’s unwitting journey to the discovery of who she really is and what she’s meant to be. Angelique “Angel” enjoys a lot of popularity and respect in the media world, thanks to her uncanny ability to unearth interesting news stories. This time around, Angel is about to uncover a startling truth — a nuclear powered aircraft carrier entering Australian territory, and without permission.
There is a secret, and an ominous project that could unleash something worse than humanity has known before, but as she pursues this story, she begins to understand that every step she’s taken thus far has been designed and laid out for her — but by whom? Has she been working for herself or has someone been behind the scenes, pushing her on a path that seems to be hers, but which could end up in her own destruction?

I loved the pacing, the drama, the intensity, and the sense of realism injected into this story. It starts with a bang and the reader’s attention is arrested from the very first page with the intense action. But there is no slowing down, as the author leads the reader from one fascinating page to the next gripping one, each page filled with well-crafted scenes, great dialogues, and awesome descriptions. The setting in Australia is well done, and the reader feels like the author is part of the landscapes and the culture he describes. Carl Lakeland’s writing is crisp and he knows how to create colorful and strong images in the minds of readers. I particularly enjoyed the excellent prose, the balance in the overall writing, and the way the conflict is handled. Project Amber: The Milestone Incident is a great entry for a series and I can’t wait to read the next book. It’s a story that will appeal to a wide range of reader interests — thriller fans, plus crime, suspense, and general fiction fans. This is a book for you if you are into writing that is upbeat, characters that are real, and plot lines that compel you to keep on turning the pages.

Project Amber: The Milestone Incident

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