By Ray Simmons for Readers’ Favorite

“The characters are the stars of Eagle Shield, right from the beginning.

I had a feeling that I would like Eagle Shield by Carl Lakeland from the minute I read the blurb. An Army veteran responsible for a ten-year-old mystery girl? What’s not to like? I hoped it would be as good a story as that Denzel Washington movie, Man on Fire. It was better. But then again, I have usually enjoyed good books more than good movies. A soldier protecting a little girl can be a powerful tale in the hands of a good writer. What made Eagle Shield extra special for me is that it takes place in Australia. It wouldn’t have been quite as exotic, and I wouldn’t have learned so much if the setting was somewhere I am familiar with.

Every aspect of Eagle Shield was done in an expert, professional manner, as I would expect a book about a military man to be. The setting is Australia, which I have never visited, but I learned a lot about it from this book and that is a point for Carl Lakeland. The characters are the stars of Eagle Shield, right from the beginning. This book could have felt like something written to a formula, but it never fell to that level. The characters always felt real and unique. Angel is special, and we see it from chapter two until the end of the story. Nathan is also a unique military veteran. The relationship these two formed seemed fated to become something great right from the start. The plot is tight, and the mission is big. The military protocols, action sequences, and minor characters all contribute to make Eagle Shield stand out in the military action genre.

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