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This book contains all three books in the series spanning over 850 pages. It would make an excellent gift for almost any occasion.

Book 1 Eagle Shield: MILESTONE Rising.

A trained killer must learn to forget everything he has come to know as a well-beaten path. He must become both father and protector to an orphaned ten-year-old girl.

“Eagle Shield is one of those books you should not
start if you don’t have enough time.”
-Romuald Dzemo for Readers Favourite

Book 2 Project Amber: The MILESTONE Incident.

What will she do when she discovers her life was planned from the beginning? How will she handle being thrust into the intelligence community? Will she do more harm than good? Or, will she manage to stop the unimaginable?

“It’s a well thought out plot, developed and believable characters, and excellent writing all in one book.”
-S Clem for Readers’ Favourite

Book 3 The Lost Ones: Nothing is How it Seems

With Stienbecks’s nuclear reactor dying, the horror of lasting through winter plays on their minds. They must evacuate and escape to Australia. But the reality of the Australia they’d learned about is far from the images that live in their mind.

“The tension and excitement are endless, making this
novel hard to put down.”
-Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favourite