Carl Lakeland - Author

I currently live in a sleepy town called Snake Valley, 36 kilometres southwest of Ballarat in Australia.

I grew up during the early seventies in the western suburbs of Sydney. Having enlisted in the military at the age of seventeen, I use my experience to create powerful and engaging speculative fiction.

But, sometimes I can't let things be. I write stories with a passion that others might see as being obsessive. I live and breathe it. I dream about it when I sleep. But I never write down my dreams. If I can’t remember those things, they’re not important enough.

My stories revolve around the element of ‘what if?’ Sometimes I push the boundaries to the edge of what may be real, treading a fine line between official secrecy and pure fiction. I'll have you wondering about the creative license, or if there is the possibility of fact. Either way, you'll be left to make up your own mind. My books are fast-paced, 'edge of your seat' thrillers which are distinctively written in a way that will have you guessing which way the story is about to head.

As a writer, unpredictability is the key essence. If I write something that can be predicted in the coming chapters, it’s not good enough. I'll scrap it and start over. My goal is to keep you wondering, even sometimes to the detriment of my good guys!


Kapooka 1980. An author in the making.

At age 17, me on the right and 'Blue' on the left. After hours, coming back from 'the boozer' a round of 'stabscotch' with our bayonets was always on offer. I had an unlucky round.